The Lizards

We are excited to be working with The Lizards after spending a long time admiring their music, attitude and work ethic. A quick conversation in the back room of local haunt The Hare and Hounds and the wheels were in motion to work together.

With new music currently being recorded and live dates and festivals being planned The Lizards are set for a busy 2019. Emerging from the heart of the Birmingham music scene in 2015, The Lizards present themselves as purveyors of psychedelic garage rock with thoroughbred DIY ethos.

The four-piece have garnered a dedicated underground support for their swirling guitars and reverb dripping vocals, together flaunting an affinity for 60’s psychedelia whilst also linking to contemporary artists such as Tame Impala.

Liquid Cheeks

Liquid Cheeks Emerging from various music and art projects within Birmingham, Liquid Cheeks, are an Art-Pop duo who blend a spectrum of musical influences with a thoroughbred artistic image. The marriage of music and colour is something the group utilise to their advantage, with stylised videos and engaging live shows. Greg Clarke (Vocals and Guitar) and Ben Gibbs (Vocals and Keys), can move effortlessly between harmonised fragility with falsetto vocals, to devastating driven unrestricted rock and roll within a matter of moments. Delicately teetering on the edge of comfort and chaos, the beauty of the band is that they identify with those who feel ostracized and offer the opportunity to just be free to not take themselves too seriously.

Liquid Cheeks find musical influences in artists such as MGMT, Tame Impala and David Bowie, and also maintain the belief in DIY sensibilities. The band move well beyond the natural boundaries of musicians, by bringing in elements of theatre and performance art into the live shows and branding. For their 2018 tour, they were introduced by a speech on gender identity by liberal icon and artist, Grayson Perry, a strong idol and influence of the duo. They also brand themselves against traditionally effeminate colours, clothing and artwork which attempts to question societies beliefs in gender identity.

The band released their first single, ‘He’s A Flower’, alongside a sold-out first show in September 2018 and which found great success on both local and national radio. Their follow up releases, ‘Serendipity’ and ‘Fite’ were released in December 2018 and identified the bands place as the frontrunners of art-pop within the Birmingham music scene.>

Hungry Ghosts

The moment they walked on stage, before that first note was played, we knew we had to work with The Hungry Ghosts. Back then the Ghost’s were just a two piece featuring Joe, Billy and a tape machine. From visits to Death or Glory Records to play new tracks and becoming the shops best customer to achieving national radio play and playing the UK’s best festivals, including Green Man this year, The Hungry Ghosts have been in our lives and hearts from the beginning.

We have seen line up changes a plenty, spent hours in tour vans and shared some magical moments supporting them in their vision. Doing all we can to reward their hard work, dedication and talent. Currently taking a break to concentrate on art, work and new bands.